October focus


October. I’ve put my vegetable garden to bed, deadheaded and pruned the perennials. The leaves are yellow and red and orange and brown, and the white pines are dropping their old needles. Quieter days, quieter nights: fewer insects, amphibians, and birds making their noises.

Well–there are the danged woodpeckers

I expect to keep this blog less frequently this month, or to make the posts shorter, because I am taking part in what is for me a new endeavor: an online poetry workshop. I am taking a month-long class with Daisy Fried through Providence’s Fine Arts Center, 24 Pearl Street.

Daisy Fried lives in Philadelphia, 24 Pearl St. is in Rhode Island, and my fellow workshop participant-peers live in NH, MA, IN, MC, ME, NY, VA, NJ, VT, CA, AL and IL. Oh, the amazing connectivity of the world-wide web!

I’m somewhat tech-savvy but only to a limited degree, and reading online is still cumbersome for me. Nonetheless, I am curious to see how the virtual critique will work, given that we are not face-to-face as we comment, enthuse, and suggest. Interpretation takes on multiple meanings in an environment such as this one. And whether I can keep on top of the comments and reading! That’s another type of challenge during the academic year for me.

I feel thrilled to be back in the position of student, though. I’m the sort of person who might stay in school perpetually if I could manage it. Even autodidacts sometimes enjoy the camaraderie of peers.

If you are interested in the process, and how it goes for me…I shall eventually report back on these “pages”!


6 comments on “October focus

  1. KM Huber says:

    Oh, I am quite interested, Ann, so am eager to read your impressions. I have participated in an online writing group, and I found it interesting and illuminating. I think virtual critique has great possibilities. Good for you! Enjoy!

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  2. Dave Fry says:

    I’m about to embark on this blog thing myself, after writing my journal on my web site with no replies available. I’m curious how it will affect my writing.


    • My blog isn’t terribly active with replies, but the replies I get are generally thoughtful–so I feel a little as if I am having some kind of conversation with the world, Dave. Best of luck as you switch to a more interactive online journal format!


  3. moishmoish says:

    It sounds wonderful, Anne!

    Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2014 01:16:49 +0000
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