Libraries & sanctuaries

I have an article about libraries in the current (online) issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education:


Remind me not to read the comments…




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  1. marlanaesquire says:

    Way to go, Ann! ❤

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  2. Lou Faber says:

    Like a fine meal should appeal to multiple senses, so should a library, and by that I do not mean to suggest that the presence of audio and video resources involves multiple senses in the library experience. A fine meal must involve the senses of taste, of sight (in the presentation), of smell, and in some cuisines both hearing and touch (ah, evenings in Moroccan and Ethiopian restaurants). So too the experience a library ought to offer should involve multiple sensory inputs. Books are tactile. The glorious touch of now ancient texts with leather bindings, the pages, the weight of paper, its surface, even the smell of books sitting together in a community make a library visit more than a walk-through fast literature experience. As the above photo suggests, sight can be involved, whether in the suggested arrangement of the colors of the spines,or the way light plays through between shelved volumes and the shelf above. No digital repository has yet managed to engage me like the stacks of our public library. But then, again, I am drawn to books on dinosaurs — perhaps I just like being among my peers.

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  3. Terrific piece, Ann. I’ve been sharing it. (And not reading the comments.)


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