AWP ahead

I have been looking at my bookshelves with a certain apprehensive dismay.

They are…overfull. Here’s part of the shelving where I keep poetry collections. I can’t fit any more in without some “weeding.”


And then there are the other bookshelves, five or six of them, that are also becoming piled high with wonderful and interesting texts.

Now, this would not necessarily constitute a problem. I love books. I refer to many of them often, and I re-read some of them, and I lend some out to friends. A few of the books are even slightly valuable, as the majority of them are out of print.


The reason I am thinking about the bookshelf issue is that in a month, I am heading to Washington, D.C. for the annual AWP Conference & Bookfair. I have missed the past few conferences because they were held in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and the like; I cannot take that much time off work nor easily pay for the airfare. But D.C. is not far away! I am not presenting this year, but I will be attending.

The Bookfair, though–it is a haven for book lovers who are fond of hard-to-find literature, small-press poetry and fiction, little journals and big anthologies, teaching texts, new authors. I know I will return home laden with books.

Where will I put them? Is it time to prepare for additions by donating a few of the current volumes? Should I just purchase more bookshelves? Well, I guess I will solve that problem later. For now, I eagerly await the conference.

5 comments on “AWP ahead

  1. Lou Faber says:

    When it comes to books, shouldn’t they be treated as a form of art. If you accept that premise, the question is not “where will I put them,” but rather “where to they wish to be placed.” Given time enough, they will disclose the answer to you.

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  2. Enjoy your collection of books as a source of inspiration or energy whenever you choose. Breathe deep and don’t let it ever overwhelm you. You are a poet and ruler of words. AHHHHH


  3. Ren Powell says:

    More shelves. (My Norwegian computer wants to spellcheck that to Helvetes, which is Hell. That should probably mean something).

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  4. Have a wonderful time in Washington. I went to the Los Angeles conference and was really hoping to make it to DC. I’m still making my way through my book fair haul from last year. I brought a messenger bag that was mostly empty and made it my daily limit, once the bag was filled, so was my shopping. At the time I lived in LA, so I was wasn’t staying in a hotel. I would sneak my book bag in, so my husband was kept in the dark about just how many books I purchased. I then snuck the books into shelves around the house and in various non-book hiding spots. I don’t think he ever figured it out!

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