First frost

when so much dies
or moves on

toads burrow deeper
after dark covers 
sedge and clover

fallen hickory leaves
ice-rimmed gold
at sunrise

I wake too chilly
at my usual hour
forsake my habit of rising

listen to the nuthatch
and house sparrow
mourning dove croon

give me another minute
beside you in bed
shivering yet shimmering

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  1. JosieHolford says:


    And just as an FYI – there’s a wonderful poem about the first heartbreak by Andrei Voznesensky that has the same title – “First Frost “or sometimes “First Ice”:

    First Frost

    A girl is freezing in a telephone booth,
    huddled in her flimsy coat,
    her face stained by tears
    and smeared with lipstick.

    She breathes on her thin little fingers.
    Fingers like ice. Glass beads in her ears.

    She has to beat her way back alone
    down the icy street.

    First frost. A beginning of losses.
    The first frost of telephone phrases.

    It is the start of winter glittering on her cheek,
    the first frost of having been hurt.

    Andrei Voznesensky (translated by Stanley Kunitz)

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