Thanks, Dave Bonta!

I’m still trying to get things set up here, virtually, which may take some time since  A) I am technologically inept; and B) it’s early autumn and I have a ton of garden and yard work to tend to before the cold sets in.

It’s all Dave Bonta’s fault, though I may have to blame Celia Lisset Alvarez a little, too, and my offspring. My son refused to rework my existing page at another site. He is “too busy” to spend time on his mother’s home page, (I even offered to pay him!). He told me I ought to learn html myself.

Dave told me that months ago. He’s the webmaster-poet-naturalist extraordinaire behind via negativa (, the morning porch, woodrat photoblog, moving poems, and qarrtsiluni (

Celia began writing her blog, Writing With Celia, to force herself to get into the creative writing frame of mind and simply to do more writing. Her posts include cultural commentary, books, movies, education, feminism, and tips on writing. She’s writing more than I have been lately, so I guess perhaps she is onto something. (See her blog at

Then there’s my daughter, who also bears some responsibility for encouraging me in this technological adventure. She kept a lovely blog, pigsabroad ( while spending a semester in Australia. She says that if she can manage a blog site, anyone can.

I spent three hours weeding and deadheading and shearing shrubs today in the cool, sunny, dry air. What I ought to do now is grade papers from my freshman English class, but instead I am trying to alter the blogroll on my website.

Thanks a lot, Dave Bonta…

5 comments on “Thanks, Dave Bonta!

  1. Thanks for the plug, Ann. I did find the new blog helped me to feel most writerly there for a while, but I’m having trouble overcoming the summer slump. Maybe now that you’ve joined the blogosphere, we’ll all feel reinvigorated. Blog on, woman, blog on!


  2. Dave Bonta says:

    You’re welcome! Glad you could join us in this here blog o’ spear.

    Free blog tip of the day: use your categories for broad topics such as writing and poetry which you expect to write about a lot. They’re hierarchical, so you can make poetry a child category of writing, for instance. Tags, which are non-hierarchical, are good for indexing in more depth — for this post, things like “html,” and the names of the two freaks you reference. Tags and categories, together with post titles and the content of the first few dozen words, help people on the google find your content.


  3. eileen says:

    Interesting- hope it works out for you- I guess it is difficult trying to blend the artistic with the more mundane art of the computer!


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