Chapbooks still in print

I’ve had five chapbooks of poetry published, but as is not uncommon in the world of small press publications, only a few are still in print. Finishing Line Press published The Minor Fauna in 2006, and it is still available through More info at

The Minor Fauna by Ann E. Michael

The Minor Fauna, poems by Ann E. Michael

The Capable Heart: poems by Ann E. Michael
The Capable Heart: poems by Ann E. Michael
Small Things Rise & Go

Small Things Rise & Go, poems by Ann E. Michael

Michael Czarnecki at FootHills Publishing has been supportive of my work and offers two of my books through FootHills: Small Things Rise & Go from 2006 and The Capable Heart released in January, 2011. Order through his site:

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  1. Beejay says:

    I think this is a terrific venture. Keep me posted and I got a chuckle from “A Reading Reading”.


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