Some endings

On a bleak wet day: thinking about revising my poems. The pile of “needs work” drafts appears daunting; I have put off for too long the required work of rethinking, the hard, conscientious effort–and unstructured time–necessary to the craft. I have always enjoyed the task of revision because it offers a chance to revisit the initial urges of the poem and to refine and reconsider my ideas, but lately my motivation has abandoned me.

I notice, above, all of the words that begin with “re.”

Latin: “in the matter of” or, (res), “thing.” But as a prefix: “again,” likewise, to indicate a backwards or repetitive motion.

revise   §    require      §      revisit     §    refine   §

    rethink    §     reconsider

Maybe I am eager to move forward instead of always going back. Nevertheless, one method of moving on is to complete what one is working on so as to create a sense of closure. Sometimes, all a poem needs is a better ending.

When I think of revision under that perspective, as a means of completing an unfinished job in order to prepare for the next, new task, the pile seems slightly less unmanageable.

And by way of re-envisioning the endings…Molly Spencer’s blog The Stanza offers a good list of closure options here.

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3 comments on “Some endings

  1. I go through phases when I can only draft, and phases when I can only revise. Good luck finding those endings and thanks for the link to Molly’s list–I’d missed that and it’s great.

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  2. KM Huber says:

    I really enjoyed the “list” of closure options. Of course, I think they apply to prose as well. This is an admission that I focus on individual lines far too long–some have told me–yet, it is who I am as a writer.

    Currently, I have all the pieces of a short story that need just a bit of fitting–and yes, a better ending–but I do not seem to “get around to it.” I appreciate the reminder that in order to move forward, closure is key. Thanks for that. Enjoyed the post.


  3. Molly says:

    Thanks for the link! I, too, have a tall stack of “needs re-visioning” poems. Sometimes it helps me to think of revision as trying out various options. Hope you’re making good progress through your pile.

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